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          Shel Holtz
          Communicating at the Intersection of Business and Technology
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          Shel Holtz

          FIR #190: What Do They Want?

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          FIR #189: The First Thing We Do, Let’s Ease Timekeeping for All The Lawyers

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          A New Model for Employee Communication, Part 22: Engaging in the Customer Ecosystem

          Mapping the customer journey is a significant undertaking, which leaves a lot of organizations thinking it’s enough. It’s not. While identifying the touchpoints on the customer journey can go a long way to creating a satisfying Customer Experience (CX), it also leaves a lot of gaps, each of which is an opportunity for an unpleasant (or even treacherous) detour on the journey.…

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          FIR #188: Tell Me A List

          Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network.

          The October episode of “The Hobson and Holtz Report” features Shel and Neville discussing these topics:

          • PG&E’s power outages featured poorly planned communication
          • Iraqis are translating the internet into Arabic
          • The limits of storytelling for marketing
          • What the judges thought when an AI-authored essay was submitted to a competition
          • Imposters are becoming a real problem in the…

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          FIR #187: It May Be A Car But It Sounds Like A Starship

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          A New Model for Employee Communication, Part 21: Touchpoints on the Customer Journey

          Employees have far more influence over the quality of the Customer Journey than they—or their companies—imagine. By knowing which touchpoints along the journey they can influence, directly or indirectly, employees can ensure those touchpoints result in positive feelings. For employees to know what those touchpoints are and what they can do to improve them, touchpoints need to be part of the employee…

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